Brexit: time to make trade fair

Millions of people in the world's poorest countries rely on trade with the UK. In fact, we currently import around £34 billion worth of goods from developing countries every year. 

For these farmers and workers, Brexit could be make or break. It could create tougher trading conditions and push producers into poverty. Or it could be when we deliver truly fair trade that helps our economy grow strongly and sustainably while working to end poverty too.

Right now, in the rush to trigger Article 50 and begin Brexit negotiations, vulnerable and voiceless farmers and workers from the poorest countries could easily be forgotten. 

EU measures currently mean many farmers from the poorest countries do not have to pay tax to import their produce into the UK. If equivalent ones aren’t put in place by our government, the moment we leave these farmers could face a £1 billion import tax bill.
Trade decisions our government make now could have catastrophic or catalytic consequences. That’s why it’s crucial we educate our MPs as they have the power to scrutinise proposals, protect producers and ensure we secure the best deal for everyone through negotiations that are transparent and accountable. 

Email your MP now and educate them on what’s at stake.

Send them our briefing on Brexit and its trade implications and request that they write to the International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox and ask how he will ensure the UK delivers fairer trade. 

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