Change trade for good

The government is getting us ready to be an independent trading nation when we leave the EU. This includes drafting new laws – known as the Trade & Customs Bills – and developing a new trade policy. 

It’s not just straightforward Brexit admin. This legislation will lay the foundations for how we’ll approach and conduct trade outside the EU.

It’s an opportunity to ensure our trade policy tackles global poverty. The good news is we've got the government to listen. The Customs Bill turns their pledge to give the world's poorest farmers tax-free imports into law. But the Trade Bill doesn't mention sustainable development or poverty reduction. It just sets out a plan to roll over existing EU agreements (without seeking to improve them) and fails to give parliament any say in our future trade deals.

Our MPs have the power to make changes to the Bills, but most aren’t aware of their serious shortcomings. So please email your MP now and ask them to speak up for a transparent trade policy that brings prosperity to the world’s poorest.

You can read about the issue in more detail in our briefing here or in our new briefing about the Bills' debate here.

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