Eight ideas to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight

Want to get involved in Fairtrade Fortnight? Here’s eight ideas for events and initiatives you can run locally, all with a top tip from a Fairtrade campaigner.

But you don't have to organise an event to join in the fun. You can also join our virtual Big Fairtrade Get Togethers, with friends, your local community group or by yourself. Find out more and sign up using this form.

Have a Fairtrade Coffee Morning

A caffeinated campaign classic. The perfect way to spread the word on Fairtrade is over a Fairtrade cuppa.  

Order in some of the dozens of Fairtrade coffees on offer, a few Fairtrade biscuits and chocolates to go with them, and get the conversation started. 

Need an ice-breaker? Did you know 50 per cent of land currently used for coffee could be unusable by 2050 due to climate change? That could devastate whole communities, and mean coffee is much harder to find. 

Top Tip from a campaigner: ‘Hosting our coffee morning in a local Oxfam book and record shop helped us reach the public, as people out shopping were attracted in by our free teas and coffees. We linked up with a near-by church to use their bathroom facilities.’  Anita Beer, Market Harborough

Cup of coffee featuring the hands of two seperate people on a table.

Fairtrade quiz

Get quizzical to help more people understand choosing Fairtrade means tackling the climate crisis. 

 Host a quiz night with your local community group, pub, church group, school or whoever else – you could even make it in to a fundraiser. 

Download our Fairtrade quiz to get started, or create your own. You’ll find lots of fun Fairtrade facts throughout our website.

Top tip from a campaigner: ‘Keep it fairly short and simple and include a tie-breaker. People will engage more if it’s fun and doesn’t seem too much like hard work!’ Liz, Southwell 

A Fairtrade Film Night

There’s lots of great, free-to-watch films to watch online or download that explore why Fairtrade makes a difference. Organise a screening, perhaps alongside some Fairtrade refreshments, and then start a discussion. 

Check out our list of suggested films for starters. They even include some questions to get the conversation flowing afterwards.

Top tip from a campaigner:  ‘We use our Church’s facilities to screen films, which deliver good quality sound and video for lots of people.’

‘Before the screening we have a shared meal to help everyone relax, and invite neighbouring churches to join us. After the film, we encourage open debate which seems to work well.’ Sue in Ealing

An art exhibition or competition

Every year we receive inspiring drawings, paintings, music, poetry and other artwork from the brilliant young campaigners and learners in our Fairtrade movement.  

Often the most amazing creations come from locally-organised competitions to design artwork that highlights Fairtrade and fair trade issues. A competition, with Fairtrade goodies as a prize, can really help get young minds focused on Fairtrade in your area. 

Top tip from a campaigner: ‘Get the word out about the competition early, especially if you are working with a school. We usually highlight a theme central to Fairtrade Fortnight this year and ask the young people to take inspiration from that.’

‘We’ve been able to work with three local schools over the past few years and have received a great selection of work in return. Of everything we do locally, we think this probably has the most long-term impact.’ Lesley Henderson, Balerno Fairtrade 

Mark International Women's Day

Did you know International Women’s Day falls in Fairtrade Fortnight? Equal rights for women is absolutely central to Fairtrade – so celebrate that choosing Fairtrade means choosing to back empowered women changing trade for the better. 

Check out some the Fairtrade treats specifically made by female Fairtrade farmers, such as Land Girls Coffee.

Top tip from a campaigner: ‘Ilkley Fairtrade have teamed up with the Ilkley branch of Soroptimists International to mark International Women’s Day. In 2022, we ran a local competition to celebrate female environmentalists, generating press and social media coverage for both Soroptimists International and Fairtrade, and their shared global objectives of gender equality.’ Karen Palferman, Ilkley Fairtrade 

Get Crafty with your campaigning

To reduce our environmental impact and focus our resources on delivering impact for farmers, the Fairtrade Foundation is reducing the amount of physical campaign materials we produce. 

But with lots of waste materials to reuse and recycle, why not make your own? Take inspiration from how fairandfunky combined their SCRAPTASTIC campaign with our Sow Your Solidarity initiative to craft these brilliant ‘seed gardens’ which spread the word on why choosing Fairtrade is choosing Climate Justice.

Top tip from a campaigner: ‘We always use recycled materials in our workshops, reusing household rubbish into works of art - don't throw it away, make something! Using Fairtrade food packaging as collage is a great way to start conversations about Fairtrade. You can spot the Fairtrade mark as you craft and talk about where foods come from. As well as engaging people on use of resources, linking people and planet.’ Helen from fairandfunky in Holmfirth

Fairtrade Wine Tasting

The range of tasty Fairtrade wines on our shelves keeps growing, so help your friends and family catch up with a Fairtrade wine tasting. 

Then, as people drink up, explain the difference it makes to choose a Fairtrade vino – check out the stories of these wine producers in South America.

Top Tip from a campaigner: ‘Pair some Fairtrade wine with some Fairtrade chocolate - as a rule lighter chocolate pairs well with lighter wines. Try out the Co-op for good value options for both wine and chocs.’ Lily in Belfast

Craft some bunting celebrating Fairtrade

Running an information stand, selling goods from a stall or just trying to brighten up a community space this Fairtrade Fortnight? Home-made bunting can work a treat in catching people's attention and spreading the word about the power of Fairtrade to drive positive change.

Linlithgow Fairtrade Partnership and Scottish Fair Trade Forum partnered to create the beautiful bunting pictured here, and here's their top tip on how to create your own.

Top tip from a campaigner: ‘If possible get in touch with a local business, or maybe a business that produces Fairtrade cotton, to ask if you can reuse any of their waste material. To make the actual bunting, we invited local youth groups and school pupils to get involved.

Also, when stringing the flags, think about how the bunting will be used and which way the main picture should face.  Leave at least 2cm of string between each flag so they can be folded flat for storage.’ Linlithgow Fairtrade Partnership and the Scottish Fair Trade Forum.


Got any Fairtrade Fortnight plans? We'd love to hear all about them - email [email protected] to let us know.