Fairtrade farmers are planting the seeds of Climate Justice - will you sign to show your support?

Micah Tarus, Fairtrade Coffee Farmer, Kenya. Micah is using the income from Fairtrade to protect the local environment and adapt to the effects of climate change.

Sign your Community Declaration for Climate Justice to demand fair funding for communities living with the worst effects of the climate crisis. Your signature shows local politicians there's real grassroots support for global action on climate justice.  

Community Declarations have already led to mass meetings between Fairtrade supporters and politicians from all major parties, who have then pressured Ministers to deliver on their promises. Keeping this pressure up will be critical in forcing the government recognise their responsibilities to fund the vital work of communities around the world taking on a climate crisis they did so little to cause.

After you sign, we'll also let you know how many people have signed in your area. Throughout the coming year, we'll remind you of opportunties to share that number with local politicians to show that their community cares about fair climate action beyond our borders.


Your Community Declaration of solidarity in full 

Our community cares about action on climate change. But we don’t just care about climate change in our area.

Right now, across Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific, communities who did the least to cause the climate crisis are living with the worst effects.

Droughts, food shortages and plant diseases are destroying crops. These are often the same communities unable to earn enough for a decent life due to unfair trade and extreme global inequality. 

It's time to end the centuries of exploitation that have caused this crisis. That's why we choose Fairtrade and why we're choosing to stand up for climate justice.

At countless international conferences, the UK government has promised to fund the work these communities are doing to take on the climate crisis. But we’re concerned that it’s taking far too long for these decade-old promises to be met, and that those communities will not have a say in how that money is spent. Worrying reports in July 2023 suggest the bare minimum of promised climate funding by 2025 would not be delivered - this would be a huge national failure.

​We are running out of time to get this right. Our global food supply is threatened by climate change. We must listen to the experts behind our food. That includes the farmers who grow it, and urgently need support to adapt to a changing climate. ​​

From planting trees to protecting bees, Fairtrade farmers are already investing in the solutions needed to protect their communities and our food supply from climate breakdown. With the promised financial support from the wealthy nations most responsible for climate change, they can scale up this vital work and make an even bigger, more positive difference in our global effort to tackle climate change.​

Our community is choosing to stand with these communities taking on the unfair climate crisis. We’re choosing Fairtrade because that means more power and more money in the hands of farmers taking on climate change.

This is our Community Declaration for fair action on climate change. We ask all political representatives of our community to urge anyone shaping climate policies to back the farmers and workers taking on climate change.

Download a copy of the Community Declaration

Sign your Community Declaration for Climate Justice

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