Protecting Forests with Farmers 

“We farm from the heart, and we love growing. With the love I have for my land, I don’t see myself working anywhere else.” Jaime Alberto García Flórez, who grows cocoa and Fairtrade coffee on his farm in Colombia.

In 2024, the UK Government has pledged to move forward with new laws aimed at preventing deforestation linked to the goods we buy from overseas.  

Jaime’s love for his land means he understands the importance of protecting the environment. And he’s already taking action, practising forest-friendly farming techniques and planting shade trees on his land. 

But Jaime’s vital work, and meeting these new laws, costs money. Without a fair trade system and government climate funding that has been promised, but not yet delivered, the future of farmers like Jaime is at risk.  

Sign to tell our government to deliver their promised funding and ensure legal changes to tackle deforestation do not place the burden on farmers like Jaime. Jaime and millions like him are ready, willing, and more than able to protect forests and create a fairer future - we just need to do our bit and invest in their expertise. 

As we approach an election here in the UK, it’s time to remind politicians of all parties that we have a responsibility to tackle climate change in a way that also supports farmers already living with the worst impacts. By ensuring Jaime can meet these new laws and supporting farmer led efforts to end deforestation, we can enable forests and communities to thrive together for generations to come.  

Sign to urge Ministers to take this unique opportunity to tackle climate change and deforestation while supporting farmers like Jaime to farm into the future.

What we’re calling on the government to do 

Legislative change

Fairtrade is calling on the Government to ensure that smallholder farmers get the support they need to comply with new laws aimed at tackling deforestation. These new regulations will require big companies to prove that they aren’t importing products from illegally forested land. But the Government must ensure that the costs of compliance aren’t unfairly placed on farmers.  


The UK must deliver on its existing climate funding pledges, including a £500m package specifically for tackling deforestation.  

Deforestation and the other effects of the unfair climate crisis are threatening lives and livelihoods in all the areas where Fairtrade operates. The government has pledged to invest £500m in deforestation and £11.6 billion overall in climate programmes in lower-income countries. Our nation needs to deliver on these promises, and ensure small-scale farmers have a real say over how that money is spent. 

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