Fairtrade and Climate Justice

“We farm from the heart, and we love growing. With the love I have for my land, I don’t see myself working anywhere else.” Jaime Alberto García Flórez, who grows cocoa and Fairtrade coffee on his farm in Colombia.

The Protecting Forests with Farmers petition is currently paused, but there are still lots of ways to support farmers taking on the climate crisis. 

3 Ways to take action on Climate Justice

1: Sign to Make Your Mark. Pledge to choose Fairtrade, spread the word or vote with Fairtrade issues in mind - all of these actions are practical ways we can stand with farmers taking on the climate crisis. Get involved by adding your details to the form on this webpage, or visit the Make Your Mark web page for more details.

2: Sign up to join our 12 June Great Big Green Week Campaign Catch Up to learn more about Fairtrade and Climate Justice. Great Big Green Week is the UK’s biggest celebration of community action on climate. Every year Fairtrade campaigners get involved and make sure the voices of farmers taking on the worst effects of the climate crisis are heard far and wide.

3:Order new campaign materials. Free-to-order Fairtrade campaign packs, featuring posters, postcards and stickers, are now available to order. These may help with your Great Big Green Week campaigning and other opportunities later in the week.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]. We’ll keep you posted as and when the Protecting Forests with Farmers petition is reopened.

Pledge to Make Your Mark


Our Protecting Forests with Farmers petition is currently paused. But you can still sign to pledge your support for Fairtrade farmers taking on the climate crisis and other challenges. Add your details below or see the campaign page for more details.

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