Salimata, an Ivorian cocoa farmer

She deserves a living income

Less than 75 pence. Less than half what she needs for a decent standard of life.

That's all Ivorian cocoa farmers like Salimata earn in a day. And plummeting world cocoa prices have only made things worse.

These unfair prices are leaving many families struggling to afford the basics: schooling for their children, medical treatment when they are ill and even access to safe water.

This isn't right. Women like Salimata, often doing the hardest work while enjoying fewer rights than male farmers, deserve a living income. 

At this time it’s crucial the UK government leads the way in making international trade deals work for the poor. Please sign now to tell the Prime Minister we don't want this exploitation in our chocolate. 


What we want the Prime Minister to do 

We are asking the PM to:

  • Lead the way: Support a global initiative of governments and business to reach living incomes for farmers and workers, starting with cocoa
  • Make living incomes a priority in UK-funded international aid projects
  • Incorporate living income into the UK's Human Rights and Business policies

Please add your name and ask the UK government back hard-working farmers making the cocoa going in to the chocolate we enjoy.

Sign to take exploitation out of our chocolate

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