Meet the Experts: Fairtrade farmers taking on the climate crisis

Watch Fairtrade farmers and other climate experts discuss how they are taking on a climate crisis they witness every day.

Their discussion takes place just before global leaders meet at the COP26 UN climate summit. During the discussion, the panel urge us all to sign the petition now to support their calling for A Fair Climate Promise.

Climate change is already severely damaging the lives and livelihoods of farming communities who grow so much of our food. They are on the front line of a worsening crisis they have done the least to cause. And deeply unfair trade means many simply cannot earn enough to adapt to rapid changes in weather.

That's why 1.8 million Fairtrade farmers and workers are calling on politicians at the COP26 summit to Be Fair with your Climate Promise. 

Farmers and workers are challenging leaders at COP26 to invest in the expertise of their communities, who see the realities of the climate crisis every day.

And they are demanding the wealthiest countries start being honest about their own carbon footprints, and work together to create trade deals and laws that encourage investment in the sustainable solutions many Fairtrade farmers are already pioneering.

Fairtrade farmers and workers know that if we don't speak out now, it will be too late. Will you join them in challenging our politicians to Be fair with the climate promise?


What Fairtrade farmers are asking politicans at COP26 to do 

Fairtrade farmers and the communities they support depend on the climate for their livelihoods. But the climate emergency caused by centuries of exploitation of people and planet means those livelihoods are under serious and immediate threat.

So, Fairtrade farmers and workers have come together to demand the politicians in the wealthiest nations, those most responsible for the climate crisis, start to take that responsibility seriously. The 1.8 million Fairtrade farmers and workers of our global Fairtrade community are calling on politicians at COP26 to:
  • Ensure that the $100 billion per year they pledged to tackle a changing climate reaches those who need it most 
  • Take responsibility for international aviation and shipping emissions in their carbon-cutting commitments 
  • Make trade deals that encourage fair, low-carbon products that allow farmers to invest in sustainable farming
  • Strengthen rules that mean businesses invest in fair, sustainable supply chains, and compel those who fall short to meet their responsibilities

Read more about the demands of Fairtrade farmers and workers in their full letter to the politicians preparing for the COP26 summit.

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This Be Fair With Your Climate Promise petition is now closed. Check out the Fairtrade and Climate Justice webpage for all the latest on how we can stand with farmers and workers taking on the climate crisis.

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